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Pipes & Tubes, Cast Iron

Pipes & Tubes, Seamless Steel

Pipes & Tubes, Welded Steel

Pipes & Tubes, Stainless Steel

Pipes & Tubes, Copper

Pipes & Tubes, Aluminium

Copper Parts Of Plumbing System

Water Meters

Fin Tubes

Pipes & Parts Of Plumbing System

Flexible Hoses


Castigs, Non-cutting Off Water (gas) Supply Pipe Sddle

Water Meter Box

Pipes &tubes, Spiral Welded

Deluge Valve Alarm Check Valve For Fire-fighting

Concrete Pipes, Pre-forced

High-pressure Concrete Pipe Making Equipment

Hose Couplings For Rubber Hose Or Plastic Hose

Pipes & Tubes, Ductile Cast Iron

Special Pipes & Tubes

Pe Coated Steel Pipes

Cr-mo Steel Pipes

Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings, Cast Iron

Pipe Fittings, Malleable Cast Iron

Pipe Fittings, Steel Flanged

Pipe Fittings, Wrought Steel Buttwelded

Pipe Fittings, Forged Steel

Pipe Fittings, Cast Stainless Steel

Pipe Fittings, Cast Bronze (brass)

Pipe Fittings, Ductile Cast Iron

Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, Elbow
Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, T Type

Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, Reduced Fittings

Seamless Steel Buttwelding Pipe Fittings, Cap

Quick-opening Fittings


Flanges, Cast Iron

Flanges, Forged Steel

Flanges, Cast Stainless Steel

Valves, Cast Brass (bronze)

Valves, Cast Iron

Valves, Cast Steel

Valves, Forged Steel

Valves, Cast Stainless Steel

Water Taps (faucets)


Faucets, Cold And Hot Water


Pipe Plugs


Valves, Cast Iron & Ductile Cast Iron

Air Relief Valves, Cast Iron

Butterfly Valves, Cast Iron

Check Valves, Cast Iron

Control Valves, Cast Iron

Fire Hydrant, Cast Iron & Ductile Cast Iron

Float Valves, Cast Iron

Gate Valves, Cast Iron

Globe Valves, Cast Iron

Plug Valves, Cast Iron

Reducing Valves, Cast Iron

Safety Valves, Cast Iron

Sluice Valves, Cast Iron

Steam Traps, Cast Iron
Strainers, Cast Iron

Underground Fire Hydrant, Cast Iron

Auto-control Valves, Cast Iron

Pump-control Valves, Cast Iron

Water-operated Valves, Cast Iron

Ball Valves, Cast Iron

Roto Valves, Cast Iron


Valves, Ductile Cast Iron

Globe Valves, Ductile Cast Iron

Steam Traps, Ductile Cast Iron

Check Valves, Ductile Cast Iron

Fire Hydrant, Ductile Cast Iron

Underground Fire Hydrant, Ductile Cast Iron

Air Release Valves, Dultile Cast Iron

Butterfly Valves, Dultile Cast Iron

Resilient-seated Gate Values,dultile Cast Iron

Angle Valves

Valves, Cast Carbon Steel

Gate Valves, Cast Carbon Steel

Globe Valves, Cast Carbon Steel

Check Valves, Cast Carbon Steel

Ball Valves, Cast Carbon Steel

Strainers, Cast Carbon Steel

Gate Valves, Cast Stainless Steel

Globe Valves, Cast Stainless Steel

Check Valves, Cast Stainless Steel

Ball Valves, Cast Stainless Steel

Strainers, Cast Stainless Steel

Knife Gate Valves, Stainless Steel

Butterfly Valves, Stainless Steel

Valves, Cast Alloy Steel

Gate Valves, Cast Alloy Steel
Globe Valves, Cast Alloy Steel

Check Valves, Cast Alloy Steel

Valves, Forged Carbon Steel

Gate Valves, Forged Carbon Steel

Globe Valves, Forged Carbon Steel

Check Valves, Forged Carbon Steel

Valves, Forged Stainless Steel

Gate Valves, Forged Stainless Steel

Globe Valves, Forged Stainless Steel

Check Valves, Forged Stainless Steel

Valves, Forged Alloy Steel

Gate Valves, Forged Alloy Steel

Globe Valves, Forged Alloy Steel

Check Valves, Forged Alloy Steel

Valves, Forged Copper

Dust Collector Valves

Ammonia Valves

Air Valves For Feeding Fish

Opener Gate Valve For 50 Gallon Tank

Strainers, Cast Bronze

Diaphram Valve

Valve Boxes

Underground Fire Hydrant Boxes

Man , Hand Hole Cover And Frames

Hand Hole Cover And Frames

Trench Covers

Valve And Valve Box For Plumbing And Gas System

Filter Pipes

Spiral Duct

Non-cutting Off Drilling Machine And Drill

Contruction & Installation Of Piping System

Automatically System Design For Water Supply, Fire Flghting

Automatically Mersury Buoy System