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Steel Wire Rods

Steel Wire Ropes, Steel Wires

Bright Steel Bars

Nails Rivets

Bolts & Nuts For General Purpose

Steel Bomb, Oil Drum, Oil Tanks Etc.

Doors & Windows Of Steel Oraluminum

Metal Furnitures

Kitchen Utensils, Such As Knives, Forks, Cookers, Dishes Etc.


Door Closers & Hinges

Hardwares Products.

Steel Lighting Poles

Kitchen Furniture

Tool Boxes

Repairs And Maintance Of Steel Structures

Cast Iron Stoves, Dishes And Accessories

Welding Rods, Conductive Pastes

Doors & Windows Of Stainless Steel

Aluminum Flat Wires For Zipper

Stainless Steel & Steel Flat Wires

Copper (brass) Products

Metal Products For The Military

Steel Band For Packing

Gas Cylinder For Car

Gas Apparatus

Piano Parts

Aluminum Alloy Products

Zing Alloy Products

Metal Products For Pet

Products Of Vacuum Metallizing

Hanging Chains

Hanging Hook

Safety Components For Personal Harness

Ventilators Without Power

Corrugated Metal Sheet

Metal Ceiling

Light Steel Frame For Building

Refractory Building Materials

Grating Plates
Piping Structures For Fabricated Building (scaffolding)

Frame (bar) For Commodity

Supermarket Shelving Facility

Cash And Jewel Boxes

Suit Cases

Safety Deposit Boxes

Adjustable Shipping Carriers

Baggage Carriers

Baby Carriers

Steel Drums (tanks)

Expansion Joint For Bridge

Assembling Bench Assembly Line &working Chair

Frp Water Tanks

Frp Bathtubs

Frp Products

Stainless Steel Band For Springs

High Carbon Steel Band For Springs

Steel-strip Spring

Auto Colorable Glasses

Book Buckle

Steel Clip

Stell Reinforce Plate For Shoe Buttom

Cans, Fruit Juice

Cans, Easy Open, Aluminum

Cans, Zinc Plating, Mild Steel

Galvaniged Pipe

Auto Doors

Air Curtains

Computeried Auto Doors

Garage Auto Doors

Auto Doors, Anti-radiant Type

Resistance Fire Doors

Water-proof Doors

Resistance Noise Doors

Resistance Vibration Doors

Resistance Fire Glass

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods Such As Baseball & Softball Masks Etc.

Umbrella Frames

Aluminum Products
Aluminum Enamelled Building Materials

Aluminum Products For Picnic

Aluminum Chassis For In-line Skate

Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Tea Dishes

Stainless Steel

Frames Of Cameras

Galvanized Steel Structures

Cable Hanger

Cabel Channel

Iron And Steel Sheet/coil

Bright Steel Plates (coil)

Thin Steel Sheets(coil)

Thick Steel Plates(coil)

Steel Band

Steel Sections

Steel H Sections

Hr Steel Sheet/coil

Cr Steel Sheet/coil

Silicon Steel Strip Coil

Cr Special Steel Strip Coil

Medium Carbon Steel Plates(coil)

High Carbon Steel Plates

Light Steel Rails

Deck Plate

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Bar

Carbon Steel Wire Rod

Alloy Steel Plates

Alloy Steel Bars & Rods

Hot Rolled Alloy Tooling Steel Bar

Alloy Steel Wire Rod

Free-cutting Stal Wire Rod

Stainless Steel Wire Rod

Stainless Steel Bars And Rods

Stainless Steel Band

Stainless Steel Sections

Stainless Steel Sheet/coil

Tinned Steel Plates

Silicon Steel Stamping Ei Core

Silicon Steel Motor Core
Free Cutting Steel

High Speed Steel Bar (free Cutting)

Wire Rods, Spheroidizing Annealing

Steel Strand For Prestressed Concrete

Steel Strand For Ground Anchor

Steel Strand With Polyethylene Coating

Sheathes For Bridge & Construction

Anchorages For Prestressed Concrete


Grates, Mechamcal Engineering Fabrication And Building Construction

Other Iron And Steel Products


Cylinders Gas

Cylinders, Acetylene

Cylinders, Liquid Ammonia

Cylinders, Freon

Cylinders, Low And Middle Pressure

Cylinders, Other

Rolling Doors

Rolling Doors, Steel

Rolling Doors, Stainless Steel

Rolling Doors, Aluminum

Electril Open & Close Machines Forrolling Door

Clad Metal And Products

Memory Alloy Metal

Brass Bars And Strips For Building Material

Plastic Parts

Plastis Injection Parts

Computer Accessories

Computer Case

Electronic Components

Raised Floor, Pedestal, Grating. Uaistrut And Eguipment Foundating

Steel Plate, Sus Pipe Cutting And Welding

Kitchen Hardware

Bath Room Accessories

Bearing Drawer Slide

Building Material

Tools Of Truck Packing And Strapping Use